Private Investigations Into Fraudulent Firms and Companies

The first step in recovering your money from an investment scam is to forget about recovery and be resolved in putting people in prison and destroying their professional and personal lives!
If prison is not the “center piece” of your motivation then do not confront the people who stole your money! Why? Because the people who stole your money are arrogant, narcissistic, sociopaths and prison is the only thing that gets their attention. Initially, these con artists will arrogantly scoff at our intentions but all will be broken and weeping when they are sentenced.
The second step, team up with the only licensed PI firm in the nation with an actual track record of recovery and putting people in prison for investment fraud, with a high court legal decision/endorsement that declares:
Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. seeks to recover investments for its clients using, to put it mildly, highly aggressive collection techniques.”
Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Daniel J. Venters
“Hill v Petrotech Resources”
Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., based on years of experience, does not utilize or recommend any type of civil litigation to resolve these types of securities scams. Civil judgments are nothing more than “legal toilet paper”! Criminals knowingly initiated and carried out, primarily, interstate fraudulent investment schemes, primarily, against the elderly, for the sole purpose of stealing your money so they should always face criminal prosecution. People go to prison in this sector because of their decision to steal and destroy your life; they do not deserve your compassion, mercy, empathy or sympathy.
The last step, is to partner with the nation’s only licensed PI firm that guarantees its work, offers full disclosure and allows you 24/7 password protected access to all of the work we are doing on your behalf.
All of your documents, correspondence, communication and activities taken on your behalf to expose the investment scam that victimized you are located in one place with easy access. We provide a “womb to tomb” approach to your securities fraud information. You will have copies of all of the documents provided by the company running the investment fraud scheme, your sworn statement, all of the documented securities fraud and criminal activity uncovered by our investigation and you will have access to communications between Colt Ledger and the company involved in the investment scam, their attorney, and, if necessary, the authorities. Everything totally disclosed and completely transparent.

Investigations of Securities Fraud

The investigation of investment fraud and/or securities fraud is based on the legal statutes set forth in the Securities Act of 1933, primarily Sections 4 and 5, and the U.S. Code Title 18-Crimes and Criminal Procedure. However, there are several agencies, other than the SEC and the various States’ Securities Agencies, that are involved in investment fraud and the subsequent illegal activities that lead to criminal fraud and money laundering. We have worked closely with the FBI, US Secret Service, US Postal Inspectors, IRS, etc., over the years, in developing our allegations and, thus far, not one single allegation has been successfully challenged by opposing attorneys. We have never lost in court. We are so confident in our work and the results it has produced, that we offer a $10,000 Guarantee.

Investigations of Commodities Fraud

This investment sector is loosely regulated by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission. It is an entirely different situation than Securities, although there appears to be some legislative intent to bring it more into conformity with Securities. In the past, little has been done to curtail the flagrant stealing of investors' money in this sector. In addition, the use of self-directed IRAs has been extremely abused by the “custodial firms” handling these transactions.

Time is of the essence when dealing with this sector. Because of the lax attitude and regulatory activities by the CFTC, the fact that this is usually a very liquid environment and the unverifiable reports you receive from the companies regarding your account; companies and your money can disappear in a matter of hours.

When looking into Forex, precious metals, futures etc., it is extremely wise to contact Colt Ledger & Associates to obtain a complete report on the company and its officers before your investment. Due to current economic forecasts of the complete financial collapse of the United States, there are many investment scams in this sector. Do not allow fear to rule your decision. Do not put your faith in a company because they advertise on TV. Do not be convinced by a celebrity that the offer is above reproach. This is the sector from which a majority of Ponzi schemes originate. Colt Ledger & Associates offers you the unique opportunity to look before you leap in all investment scenarios!

Investigations of Criminal Fraud

Criminal fraud and money laundering are natural consequences of investment fraud. For instance, you receive a cold call from a company that is not “registered” properly with the SEC can easily lead to:

The initial offering and sale of unregistered securities by unlicensed agents, wire fraud, mail fraud, fraud in the inducement (deception), obtaining a contract through deception, theft by deception, money laundering, the spending of laundered money, interstate or intrastate commerce fraud, federal elder financial fraud, RICO – federal racketeering, plus an additional 7 to 8 Federal allegations and all of the reciprocal State statutes.

Con artist involved in investment scams go to prison for criminal activity not making a cold call, however, a cold call can lead directly to prison because it is the first contact in most investment fraud schemes.