A Statement from Colt Ledger

It is an absolute necessity of my chosen profession to keep our strategy focused directly on the individuals who have been exposed selling you, with prior knowledge, dry holes, undrilled wells, who have openly lied about every aspect of these investments and who stole your money through lies, deception, securities and criminal fraud, money laundering and manipulation, whatever the cost to me.
My job is to expose and document each criminal act in the pure white light of truth. It is my job to call these swindlers out, by name, as the unethical and amoral criminals they are! I provide them with no means of escape and to offer no mercy, no sympathy and no compassion. They wake up each morning for the single minded purpose/intention of stealing someone's dream. Their victims, primarily the elderly, have been made destitute at their hands and it does not cause them a moment of remorse. They are all arrogant, narcissistic, cold-blooded Sociopaths. Victims are just another stupid sucker for them to manipulate for their personal financial gain.
I, on the other hand, wake up each morning with the single minded purpose/intention of destroying them, their organization, their reputations and unfortunately, their families! They now have someone who is like minded standing on the opposite side, calling them out!
We are not a victim's advocate! We refuse to utilize any form of civil litigation to resolve these issues. We are Kentucky Supreme Court certified as, “to put it mildly”, an organization that use highly aggressive methods to recover money for our clients, period! If you are not looking for aggressive methods and strategy, please do not hire us! There are plenty anemic, high priced, “consumer advocates” and second rate copy cats out there for you to utilize.
My fee is not an investment! It is a fee that comes with no promises of returns or imprisonment. However, there is a record of returns and prison. My fee is only for the court tested, court validated, state supreme court upheld, irrefutably documented document, strategy and resultant complaint of everything that has illegally transpired with regard to my clients' investments; formatted in the concise way the State and Federal Agencies that use it, want it; that has led to recovery of stolen funds and the imprisonment of those thieves that took it. Everything else is on a contingency basis.
I can, however, guarantee if you decide not to follow this path, a lone or as my client, you will never see the return of your money or justice. You will also no longer be able to blame the authorities of complicity, apathy or incompetency. You, the investors, are the only ones who can prevent these criminals from facing justice. And you play a role in the criminal activities that are perpetrated against future victims, i.e., you become an accomplice, because you failed to hold the thieves accountable. Agencies do not move until a complaint is filed that matches or exceeds their criterial and financial thresholds. And even then they move very slowly.
Mine is a career choice that is fraught with death threats, anonymous internet blogs and frivolous lawsuits, all standard tools of the con artists and his lawyer who cannot protect his client from me or his victims.
Dr. H.C. Hill aka Colt Ledger