Before You Invest Make Sure You Have Due Diligence First

Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. will help you protect all of your investments from fraudulent investments in private placement, precious metals or utilizing self-directed IRA needs. When you invest make sure you are investing with the right company, on the right offers, with the right people. There are too many times when unethical CEO's hire unethical personnel to sell undeliverable promises and offers. They will use whatever means necessary take your money and not promise on returns. Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. protects your investments from these companies and criminals. We offer comprehensive plans that are designed to provide you with the information necessary on companies and individuals before you invest with them.

Which Plan Is Right For You


Silver Plan

  • Intends Only To Invest a Small Amount
  • Desires Minimal Information
  • Targets the Past Two Years
  • Background Checks
  • Any Criminal, Civil or Security Actions

Gold Plan

  • Detailed Risk Assessment of Company & Principal
  • Targets the Past Six Years
  • Background Checks
  • Any Criminal or Civil Actions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Securities Violations
  • Previous Success/Failure History
  • ROI of Past Investors & Basic Financial Records

Platinum Plan

  • Full Disclosure of Offer
  • Full Disclosure of Principle
  • Full Disclosure of Key Officer & Associated Personnel
  • Full Disclosure of Company
  • Company Bankruptcies
  • Company's Criminal, Civil and Security Complaints
  • Full Review of Offering Materials Helps Evaluate True Risks
  • Helps Evaluate Success & Understanding of Deal