“This company was just formed to rip off people who made investments. THey charge a huge up front fee and an additional fee when they recover funds. They do not recover any funds. THey make their money on upfront fees and dont do anything. They prey on that have lost money in private placement. They dont bother to check out if the company is good or bad. They are going after people that are hoping to recover money. Report these people to Tenneesee attorney General immediately!!! 1-615-741-3491″

~Directly quoted from RipoffReport.com


This Is JW Vickery Vice President of Colt Ledger. I have been here since Day 1 and I know this company inside and out. If we are in the buisness to rip people off then why have we recovered money? Why do we even bother to put cases together?

I think the funny part is that either an ex-employee or an oil company that’s posting this can’t show themselves. They leave everything anonymous. Here I am – I’m not afraid because I have nothing to hide. How long do scam companies stay in buisness before tucking their tails and running? Im still here with the same phone number fighing you everyday.

I love what we do and get a kick out of these posts. I tell you what; when you’re in prison and can no longer post this about us I’ll come visit you to see what you have to say then. The sad thing is, my clients actually believe this crap.

Listen, if you do not trust me – do not hire me you will only cause me more problems in the end because you expect a miracle and want us to recover your money in a month. I do not quit on any case and will not quit until I get results. That is the only way I know how to operate.

Call the Attorney General in TN. The story behind this is that John Burness pinned Patricia Hill (Henry Hill aka Colt Ledger’s wife) at the Tompkinsville post office. We then moved Our P.O. Box to Moss, TN; which by the way is 10 miles from Tompkinsville. The only reason we did this was to keep people like John from showing up and harrassing our employees – it was for protection only. We get death threats almost on a daily basis. Clients what would you have done? So obviously not knowing this before hand; TN 2 years Later decides that if we want to do this that we will need a P.I license in TN. They then tried to give us a C&D. However, we let them know the situation and were required to pay a fine and get a TN license.

We never practiced in TN and were unaware that this would occur or we would have already had the license. Like I tell my clients on the phone – I have nothing to hide; but obviously you’re not a client because you will not contact us about these concerns and will not tell us know who you are. And of course now every oil company that we invesigate is filing complaints against us.

We have not broken the law; we have been examined by several state police officials and they all tell us that we are practicing inside the law. I think this is why all these oil companies and their attorneys get upset; they know they can not stop us, they know that can not shut us down, they know they can not beat us, and they know that we are very, very, good at what we do. So the only thing they know to do is post negative things on the internet about us to scare off future clients.



“Colt Ledger SCAMMED ME!!!

Once again, we find a “snake in the grass” willing to take advantage of individuals when they are experiencing times of vulnerability and turn them into his own selfish gain. This snake is Henry “Blue” Hill, and he goes by the alias Colt Ledger and J.W. Vickery among others. For the sake of this report, however, we’ll just refer to him as “Mr. Hill” to keep things less confusing.

I am a retiree of the airline industry and a Vietnam veteran. I have spent the majority of my golden years trying to make smart investments with what little money I’ve managed to save over the years so that my kids and grandchildren wouldn’t have to endure the financial hardships that I had to face growing up. However, Mr. Hill (or Colt Ledger or “Blue” or whatever he calls himself) changed all of that.

As most of you know, the market isn’t the prosperous vehicle it once was for people wanting to make their money work for them. When it took a turn for the worse, so did my financial situation. I was feeling the squeeze of financial pressure and was looking to recoup some money that I had tied up in some of my investments. One such investment was a private placement that I had participated in that hadn’t yet shown the returns I was expecting. Unfortunately, either through skeptisism or through desperation, I considered the services of supposed private investigator (and subsequent con artist) Henry “Blue” Hill. As they say, “hindsight is 20/20.”

As if he were running for public office, Mr. Hill proceeded to convince me through fabricated promises, invented assurances, and artificial concern that I had a “just cause worth fighting for” against the holders of the private placement program in which I was involved. Turns out, the only cause he was willing to fight for was the one that fattened up his own pockets.

After adequately expoiting my fears and concerns about this particular investment, Mr. Hill then proceeded to use this opportunity to justify the huge cost I would have to bear to retain his services. Looking back, I should have been smarter.

Over the next couple of weeks, I sold this and liquidated that to scrape together everything I could to pay Mr. Hill for taking my case. At the time, I figured his services were going to be a good investment because, in his words, he “wasn’t going to stop until he got every last penny” of mine back from the private placement investment I had made.

Not only did Mr. Hill not recoup any of my money, he didn’t even try. To this day, all he did was send that company a simple letter stating that I wanted my money back. That was it. Turns out, there was never even any wrong-doing concerning the private placement program, and it’s the only investment I have left that is still showing me decent returns.

Of course, I could be in a much better financial situation today if I hadn’t let Mr. Hill con me out of all of that money. I’m currently building a class-action lawsuit against Mr. Hill and am having his Colt Ledger & Associates purported business investigated for exactly the same thing that he claims to protect against–investment fraud. Through research of my own, I have found that Mr. Hill actually used to work for (if not still working for) the same type of entities that he claims to protect individuals against, and it wasn’t that long ago. It’s my suspicion that he is still working with these organizations and is “playing both sides of the fence” to receive compensation on both ends.

Obviously, when he’s not busy forming aliases, Mr. Hill is hard at work forming a perception that he is actually a legitimate business man by forming “paper” companies that are merely nothing more than a webpage. Why else would he avoid the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? A business like his would surely benefit from participation with the BBB, since becoming a member would show a support for and willingness to engage in ethical business practices. Right? Doubtedly. These hollow entities are referred to as “Smythe & Wesson” and “Colt Ledger & Associates,” but make no mistake, there are no associates. Try looking for a physical address, fax number, or phone number for these so-called businesses and all you’ll find is a PO Box, an online questionnaire, and a myriad of VOIP numbers that ring a single cell phone, undoubtedly in Tomkinsville, KY.”

~Direct quote from Ripoff Report



I am H.C. “Blue” Hill aka Colt Ledger. Both names are registered with the FBI and the State Police via my private investigator license application, my weapons carry permit application and the required background check performed by both. I have been investigated by local, State and Federal authorities for frivolous and untrue accusations, similar to these, made by lawyers from all over the U.S. I have been cleared of every accusation. The Kentucky Supreme Court clearly points out my aggressive nature when I am dealing with offending companies/individuals (October, 2010). The “bad guys” and their attorneys wage a continuous campaign to shut me down. Yet, I am still here. I am currently pursuing 200 plus securities, criminal and/or elderly financial fraud complaints through local, State and Federal agencies on behalf of my clients. I have 100 plus current clients that their cases are now or will be shortly in front of offending companies/individuals. Just this past week, we were contacted and praised for our work and the quality of our work by a couple of clients, 3 State Securities Agencies, the FBI, the SEC and an investigative reporter with a TV station in Ohio. A federal agency and a State Securities Agency contacted us this past week to request we send specific cases to them and that we let them know what we are working on. We recently (July, 2011) had a con artist we had been pursuing for 18 months plus arrested by the FBI.

We have the highest recovery rate in the industry, to the best of our knowledge. We are members in good standing with several prestigious organizations. And, with regard to one of the two accusation brought by our mystery complainer that is actually a fact, we are not currently with the BBB because, as recently reported on national news, the BBB’s ratings of several organizations have been acquired by less than ethical means. There are many examples of “A+” BBB ratings that were “bought”. It is our understanding that the current BBB officials are making a concerted effort to clean up the problem. Once their ratings are a true reflection of a company’s actual practices, we will become a member.

As far as this complaint is concerned, the “originator” intentionally failed to identify his/her self; therefore, it would be very difficult to respond to its contents. We have never been made aware of any such accusations from any of our clients (300 plus). Also, since the “originator” could be anywhere, it would be impossible to even extrapolate if this “complaint” has any validity or that indeed it even comes from one of our clients, past or present. However, it is easy to surmise that the bulk of the complaint is nothing more than a plagiarized compilation of previous postings regarding my “ominous origins” originating from various sites found on the internet. Most of the “mystery postings”, making up the bulk of this complaint, were apparently the brainchild of oil and gas con artists, their associates, thugs, friends, lovers, co-conspirators and/or attorneys in and around Glasgow, Kentucky. This group of cowards also never claimed authorship nor provided any proof to any of their allegations. They just posted commonly known information, see coltledger.com, as if they were revealing some deep secret entombed with the Egyptian Pharaohs. I believe, based on its unknown origin, unfounded accusations and the overall cowardly approach, that this “complaint” is just the latest in a long line of cowardly acts perpetrated by a group of eunuchs in which the majority of its content confirms that I am on the right path. All of our clients have a personal securities, criminal and elderly fraud specialist assigned to them and their case/s and if our client/s has a legitimate complaint/s or question/s all they have to do is contact their specialist. As to the second actual true fact, I do have my direct line 210-745-0571 forwarded to my cell phone so I can be reached. Some of our 20 plus staff members also have their phones forwarded to their cell phones for the same reason. My direct line has been the same since June, 2006 when I owned an oil and gas company. I have kept that number even after selling my half of the oil and gas company (August, 2009) so previous clients can, at least, find me since my ex-partner is in hiding or, at least, evading their calls. I vacated my office and my position, Senior Partner, at the oil and gas company, M.R. Cox, on June 1, 2009. I left because I found it impossible to trust anyone associated with the industry. This is a fact I have never tried to hide from my clients. I am a better hunter because I lived among the hunted and understand their thinking and their ways.

My current record and my resolve, as documented by the Kentucky Supreme Court, to aggressively pursue alleged scam artist and con men is well documented.

All non-eunuchs that have questions about this post or our organization please feel free to contact us or call and arrange a visit. We have been visited by Judges, Law Enforcement Officials, State employees, clients, potential clients, a lot of politicians and a couple of latter day saints. All were welcome!

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